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The Iraq War Fund is a team of seven national law firms dedicated to assisting those affected by acts of Iranian-sponsored terrorism in researching, investigating Iranian sponsored terrorism in Iraq, and preparing & litigating claims against the state actor and banks and others that conspired with and/or provided material assistance and financial services to Iran and the terrorists.

MM~LAW, LLC is an award-winning law firm that represents victims of terrorism, genocide, torture, and human trafficking in private, mass-tort lawsuits against the financiers and profiteers who aide and abet perpetrators of such crimes.

MM~LAW particularly focuses on confronting the international financial infrastructure that assists terrorist organizations connected with global jihad.

Trial Lawyer of the Year

In 2016, MM-LAW won Trial Lawyer of the Year by The Public Justice Foundation for its work in the case Linde v. Arab Bank. In this case, MM-LAW represented 117 plaintiffs who were injured in suicide bombings in Israel and 440 family members of those injured or killed in the attacks.

The plaintiffs claimed that Arab Bank knowingly provided financial support to terrorist leaders and the families of terrorist operatives, including suicide bombers.  This case marks the first time that a financial institution has been brought to trial – and held liable –under the Alien Tort Claims Act.

MM-LAW’s attorneys have been selected as members of the 100 top trial lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers.

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